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Our Products

Gravity Wagons

E-Z Trail "Haul of Fame" Gravity Wagons have a wider door, steeper floor, bigger hand wheel, deeper chute, and durable steering with tapered roller bearings that can trail true as new for future generations!

Models We Carry

Model 230


230 Bu. 8-1/2' x 10-1/2' Gravity Box on 872W Running Gear
w/11L x 15 tires. Rigid, durable, and economical with a low center of gravity that has been proven on thousands of
American farms.

Total Height: 85"

Model 300


300 Bu. 8-1/2' x 12-1/2' Gravity Box on 1074 Running Gear w/12.5L x 15 tires. The first wagon to have built in stress protection, a standard feature on 300, 400, & 500 Bushel models. They can take years of punishment without cracking up as the axles float independently over uneven terrain.

Total Height: 96"

Model 400


400 Bu. 8-1/2' x 12-1/2' Gravity Box on 1384B Running Gear
w14L x 16.1 tires. Welding shops have inquired about selling our wagons because they weld & repair other brands of wagons, but they seldom have to repair an E-Z Trail. The oscillating axles do make a difference.

Total Height: 113"

Model 500


500 Bu. 8-1/2' x 14' Gravity Box on 1585 Running Gear
w/16.5L x 16.1 tires. Inside extension flanges are self cleaning.
US Patent #4,460,214. All wagons have adequate chute height, 17" to 21", for unloading into auger hoppers.

Total Height: 121"


Customize a bulk seed wagon for year around use on your operation with these options:

6" Hydraulic Auger, 12', 14' or 16' long, with special cupped flighting that handles fertilizer or seed with minimal kernel damage. A test performed by an independent seed company found this flighting to cause even less damage than a seed blower! We now also offer Poly cupped flighting as a $300 option, especially for gentle handling of soybean seeds.

Standard cupped flighting

Optional Poly cupped flighting

A full length fiberglass push-pull rod provides E-Z on & off flow control. The auger pivots up and down, as well as forward and back. It comes with a brake winch, and a 38" hopper which can be easily adapted to fit other brands of wagons with narrower doors.

The optional cover has an 18 oz. reinforced vinyl roll tarp, stainless steel end caps, & Shur-Lok latch plate to keep seed dry at planting time. You can safely cover or uncover your seed in 30 seconds without climbing on the wagon.

Optional: 2 compartments can separate seed varieties or fertilizer. Now featuring separate handwheels and doors.

The 4ft. flex spout is corrosion resistant & highly flexible. By turning the end into a "J", you can "hop" from one hopper to the next without turning the auger off.

A 10 ft. telescoping spout is available for reaching farther without moving the seed wagon. Two ropes provide easy on & off control of the auger from the end of the spout.

Standard features like brake winch, transport lock, and bottom clean-out door make the E-Z Trail hydraulic auger safe & E-Z to use on nearly any brand of gravity wagon!

The optional "Auger Mate" hydraulic power unit, has an 9 H.P. Subaru Robin engine & a 5 gal. oil reservoir. The unit delivers 9 G.P.M. @ 1,600 P.S.I. It can be installed on the wagon or carried on the towing vehicle.

Optional Wireless Remote Auger Switch Kit: sim-ple & E-Z push button On-Off seed flow control.