"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:6

Our Products

Compact Wagons

Compact Tractors need Compact Wagons for doing small jobs in a big way!

Bigger isn't always better...sometimes smaller things can do what bigger ones can't do. Now you can hitch up your small tractor to a matching color small wagon. Big features for a small price!

Models We Carry

50 Bushel Gravity Wagon


50 Bushel Gravity wagon measures 4' wide, 6'6" long and 57" tall. Built farm tough, just like the big ones. Hauls and “self unloads” any bulk granular free-flowing material such as grains, feed, pellets, nuts, coal, citrus, or “whatever flows, goes!”

Jr. Flat Rack


6' x 10' Jr. Flat Rack has 2" treated floor on 3 x 6 sills and is framed all around in steel with stake pockets. Its low 21" deck height makes loading E-Z. It can haul up to 50 bales and is very useful in orchards and nurseries, for landscaping and displays. Narrower widths are also available for vineyards, and factory in plant use.

Jr. Bale Carrier/Feeder


Jr. Bale Carrier/Feeder with 2 ton capacity for "hobby or small farm" animal lovers, at a small price of $2,080. Save-a-lot of hay & chore time!

Jr. Running Gears


Jr. running gears have a 2 ton capacity and are available in 46" or 60" wheel tread. 5.70-8 tires are standard, shown here with optional 20.5 x 8-10 tires.