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E-Z Trail Header Transport

Adjusting a 600 lb. upper rest bar is no longer a back - wrenching job...

Farmers & dealers are having a "fit" with E-Z Trail's tricycle front, heavy duty Header Transport. Standard features include: two adjustable 7000 lb. torsion axles, 4-wheel electric brakes, deluxe LED lighting, E-Z Lift telescoping tongue, safety chains, and best of all, the patented acme screw crank adjustment for the heavy upper rest bar.

A dealer testified hauling 4 different models of grain & corn heads one morning by himself. Readjusting the upper bar 4 times with the E-Z Handcranks to a "perfect fit" was quick and E-Z, without removing any bolts, pins, or clamps, or "wrenching" his back. (it's anti-chiropractor!)

E-Z Trail Header Transports are available in three sizes: 37', 42' & 48'. Color choices are Red or Green.

Description: 48' Header Transport

Description: 42' High Clearance Header Transport