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E-Z Trail Fertilizer Tank Wagons

Safety is no accident! Haste makes waste, you can hurry less and do more...
when you are 'on the double.'

E-Z Trail Wagons…Low maintenance “lifetime” accurate trailing    

-Model 1398 has 26,000 pound capacity on 16.5L x 16.1 flotation tires and is especially designed to carry twin tanks with a safer lower center of gravity

-Dual tanks vaporize faster at lower temperatures to provide adequate flow for wide applicators.

-Wheel base length is infinitely adjustable to any length between 85" and 182" to precisely fit the tank mounts.

-Heavy duty extendable, 3-position, E-Z hitch is finger light with spring lift assist.

-Step on each side also serve as fenders

-Rear axle oscillation allows flexibility on rugged terrain, and permits a lower tank height on a 98" wheel tread that can weigh on 10ft. scales.

-Model 860 has 16,000# capacity & 60” wheel tread which is ideal for side dressing 30" rows.

Lifetime accurate trailing is assured by E-Z Trail's original steering centered around sealed tapered roller bearings, truck type ball joints and dual stops with 100% greater oversteer protection.  All steering parts are weather protected for lifetime outdoor use.


"I always specify E-Z Trail anhydrous wagons.  They trail better and are easier to hook up.  I can hook two together by myself, which I cannot do with fifth wheel wagons."
-Mrs. F.W. Tuscola, IL

"After using a model 1398 with dual tanks, I advised the manager of our local fertilizer plant to get rid of his other wagons and buy more E-Z Trails."
-W.B. Sullivan, IL