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E-Z Trail Combine Head Hauler

A Risk Management Tool

Moving wide grain heads doesn’t need to be hazardous or worrisome. It can be as safe andeasy as towing a legal width trailer on the road, across bridges, and through farm gates. With a Head Hauler, tight corners and low roof areas can be utilized for convenient inside storage.

Don’t take a chance…safety is no accident!


E-Z Trail Head Haulers are available in 5 sizes: 21’ with 12’4” wheel base, 26’ & 31’ with 15’10” wheel base, all with a 6 ton capacity. The 36’ & 40’ with 23’ wheel base have an 8 ton capacity. They are designed to fit all brands and models of combine grain and corn heads. Standard features like extendable “E-Z Hitch” tongue with spring lift assist, lifetime accurate trailing, and wrench-free quick adjusting at no extra cost…help you move ahead at a price that won’t set you back!
-- Available in RED or GREEN.

Patented two-way slider brackets can be easily adjusted to accommodate any brand of grain or corn head. Brackets are designed to fit round or square frames, channels, & gussets.

Special brackets are available to fit various models of flex draper heads.

The long upper rail is easily adjusted with one hand using our Patented E-Z Handcranks, now standard on all models.

Optional Lighting Kit: a necessity for use before sunrise and after sunset.

Standard tires for 21’-31’: Low profile 20.5x8-10 E Range (10 ply)
Optional: 9.00-10 flotation tire Standard tires for 36’& 40’: 9.00-10 flotation tire (10 ply rating)
Optional: 26x12-12 F Range

Optional Ratchet Tie Down: 10,000# test nylon strap hooks into slots on bottom rail and secures heads without a scratch. Storage tray slides into top rail.

“Lifetime” accurate trailing is assured by E-Z Trail’s original steering centered around sealed tapered roller bearings, truck type ball joints and dual stops with 100% greater oversteer protection. All steering parts are weather protected for lifetime outdoor use.

NEW FOR 2014: 1084AWS, 4-Wheel Steer Head Hauler, available in 37' & 42' lengths.