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E-Z Trail Gravity Wagons & Attachments

 E-Z Trail "Haul of Fame" Gravity Wagons have a wider door, steeper floor, bigger hand wheel, deeper chute, and the steering with tapered roller bearings that can trail true as new for future generations!

230 Bu. 8-1/2' x 10-1/2' on 872W 11L x 15 tires. ' Rigid, durable, and economical with a low center of gravity that has been proven on thousands of American farms.


Total Height: 85"

300 Bu. 8-1/2' x 12-1/2' on 1074 12.5L x 15 tires. The first wagon to have built in stress protection, a standard feature on 3, 4, & 500 Bu. models. They can take years of punishment without cracking up as the axles float independently over uneven terrain.

Total Height: 96"

400 Bu. 8-1/2' x 12-1/2' on 1384B 14L x 16.1 tires. Welding shops have inquired about selling our wagons because they weld & repair other brands of wagons but they seldom have to repair an E-Z Trail. The oscillating axles do make a difference.

Total Height: 113"

500 Bu. 8-1/2' x 14' on 1584 16.5L x 16.1 tires. Inside extension flanges are self cleaning. US Patent #4,460,214. All wagons have adequate chute height, 17" to 21", for unloading into auger hoppers.

Total Height: 121"



"I kept adding to my fleet, now I own 14 E-Z Trail wagons."
J.D. -WI.

"I didn't know a wagon could trail so E-Z!"
F.H. -Mattoon, IL.

"My neighbors rant and rave so much about their E-Z Trails', that I won't even price other wagons!"
E.W.-Belleville, IL.

"The 28 wagons in our operation are not all E-Z Trail, but as we trade we will buy more E-Z Trails'."

"Three years ago I bought three new 'brand X' 12-ton tandems. My dealer said they were as good as E-Z Trails', but they didn't trail right when I pulled them home. Now I am going to get rid of them!"
K.D. -WI.